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Brandon is often asked, what else he does, who does he use for this, or for that, and so on while traveling with clients. Below you'll find a list of businesses whom Brandon has chosen to use in various areas and would recommend to others.

Brandon has not and will not be compensated for the referrals listed below. These are simply listed for others to try out if they're interested, and Brandon would personally recommend them all.

Trio Assist Web Cover

Trio Assist is first on the list as this company is also owned and operated by Brandon G. Wallin.

Trio Assist offers a wide range of services including but not limited to, Web Design, Social Media Management, SEO, Graphic Design, Business Structuring and alignment, and more!  If you've grown to trust Brandon and his driving services, connect up if you're in need of any of the above too!

Visit: today!

Precision Detail Twin Cities

Precision Detail is Brandon's go-to for all of his window tint, ceramic coatings, and full interior/exterior detailing when needed. or just for the perfect touch from Precision Detail.

Brent, an Army Veteran, founded Precision Detail after many years of experience in the Paint Correction, Ceramic Coating, Vehicle Detailing and window film business, He wanted to provide a higher quality of products and customer service than his competitors while guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

Visit: Today!

Discover Stillwater Logo

One of the best, and largest websites for everything Stillwater, MN related is Discover Stillwater. 

Brandon even uses this site to help with recommendations for his clients, and to keep himself updated on events and happenings in the area.

Visit: today!

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