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Brandon G. Wallin | Private Driver

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Meet Brandon:

A Local With Deep Community Roots

Meet Brandon, a local enthusiast with a rich tapestry of community connections.


Raised in Stillwater, his journey has encompassed diverse roles, from being a Supply Chain Supervisor at Lakeview Hospital to contributing to his father's former pizza business in Somerset, WI.

Beyond the ordinary, Brandon has owned and sold a business dedicated to promoting country music, unlocking a series of unforgettable bucket-list experiences.

Driven by a passion for web design, marketing, and strategy, Brandon birthed Here, he utilizes his skills to breathe life into other companies, infusing each project with creativity and innovation.

Brandon's journey extends to the roads, having completed over 8,000 rides with rideshare companies and maintaining a stellar 5 Star rating. While finding many issues in the rideshare business, this journey paved the way for the creation of his own driving service, the very reason you've landed here today.

In every venture, Brandon brings a blend of local insight, diverse skills, and an unwavering commitment to service.

Brandon's Vision

In the heart of life's bustling rhythms, Brandon envisions a realm where individuals find solace and ease in their transportation needs. Committed to delivering a tranquility that harmonizes seamlessly with busy schedules, Brandon's vision is encapsulated within a pre-determined, all-inclusive pricing model.


The vision extends beyond mere transportation; it's a commitment to reliability, transparency, and tailored service. In this realm, timers are discarded, uncertainties about arrivals dissipate, adding stops becomes effortless, and pricing fluctuations are mere memories.


Embracing Brandon's transportation means embracing a seamless and stress-free journey. Whether it's a daily commute or a special event, Brandon's vision is realized in ensuring every aspect of the journey is not just a ride but an experience in tranquility and enjoyment

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